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What Will Main Street Lenders Mortgage Broker Do for Our Customers?

Our major goal at Main Street Lenders is to help you get the best possible deal on your loan. And we have the ability to accomplish this by providing numerous offers from multiple lenders in just a few minute’s time.

When you take advantage of our website, you have the ability to comparison shop for mortgages in the most advanced, quickest way possible. Forget about the old days. You don’t have to contact mortgage brokers one by one in order to compare their offers. That’s an antiquated way of doing things that we have gladly left in the past.

Where are you in the mortgage process?

Look at all these great purchase options


Over 60% of US homebuyers opt for conventional loans to purchase their homes.


For first-time homebuyers, this loan is a dream


In periods of cash-drought, a reverse mortgage might be the perfect solution


For service members, the VA loan program is the most popular and beneficial


Not a city slicker? This home loan is designed for rural property owners


Sometimes a traditional loan just isn’t enough to get the house you want

Check out some of our refinance options

VA Refinance

This one is for all those brave vets out there

Streamline Refi

This refi option couldn't make things more easy

Jumbo Refinance


I refinanced my home a few months ago and Mike Russo with TJC Mortgage Kennesaw made the process so easy. I closed within 3 weeks and was so happy with the entire staffs professionalism and excellent customer service. I recommend them all the time to anyone looking to refinance or purchase a home. Great job Mike!! Thank you for everything!!

Sandra Landers

I had the pleasure of working with Mike Russo at TJC Mortgage and can highly recommend Mike His personal attention to my financing needs made the mortgage application process very easy to follow and I was able to close in a very short period of time. Couldn’t have done it without Mike Russo and TJC Mortgage. Thanks again!

Connie Curlee

I just recently purchased my first home and Mike Russo with TJC Mortgage was there with me every step of the way. He even set me up with an amazing realtor that found my home. I had heard horror stories of how difficult it would be to get a mortgage, so I was a little nervous, but in no way was it difficult. Mike and his staff made it so easy and really walked me through everything. He explained every document and that’s what I needed.

MiMi Lynn

I am very impressed with the speed and professionalism of the TJC team. As a Realtor they let me focus on my job and they take care of the financial details for my clients. I can trust them to go the extra mile!

Meghan Parham

I had been to several lenders and they all had ridiculously high rates and fees and then a buddy told me about TJC Mortgage in Kennesaw, GA and boy was I amazed at how much lower their rates and fees were. Needless to say I did a cash out refinance with them and was able to update my kitchen AND build a new deck. Mike Russo was always available to answer any of my questions, even when I called him on the weekend, he took my call. They were the BEST, hands down.

Marty Woody

Find a Mortgage Lender That’s Looking to Building a Relationship Not Just Close a Deal

A house is a personal thing. A place where you grow, you make memories, you raise a family. We understand that and want to ensure you’re set for a lifetime of happiness. Let us get to know you, and your situation, so we can work together to find you the right mortgage.

A Great Mortgage Broker Can Make a World of Difference

When you have the advantage of having a mortgage broker with years of expertise, connections, and up to date market information, you’ll already be walking into any situation with an advantage. Let us do what we do best while you reap all the benefits.

Home Loans Aren’t Always Straightforward, But We’ll Talk You Through Every Step

Don’t make your house buying process a headache. Let us help walk you through the process, from start to finish, taking all the time necessary to make sure you’re comfortable with your mortgage situation.

We Work To Get Fast Loan Approval, So You Don’t Have To Wait Around For Your Dream House

Having a place to set your things down and call your own is one of the best things in life. With our years of experience, we work hard to get your loan approved quickly. It is our aim to make sure you’re not waiting a second longer than you need to in any mortgage situation.

We Specialize in First Time Home Buyer Loans

Buying your first house is always exciting, and even more so when you see how many first time home buyer programs there are out there to help you. We can’t wait to find the right one for you.

You Trust Our Mortgage Broker With Your Dreams and We Won’t Let You Down

At MainStreet Lenders, we make it our mission to provide you with the most accurate, appropriate information concerning mortgages in the market with no hidden fees or cost. A home is a safe space, and we want to make sure you feel comfortable throughout the whole process.

Open Communication is The Motto at Our Mortgage Company

If you have questions, we want to hear them. Homeownership is a big deal, and it’s only natural to have curiosities from time to time. Contact us anytime; we promise not to keep you waiting.


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7 Ideas On The Way To Get Approved For A House Loan

Mortgage rates and home prices are always unstable and they are both impacted by different elements. When the price goes down, most people will start applying for home loans. Well, it’s not really a problem because once these prices decrease, you should take advantage of it, but it won’t be easy to get approved for a home mortgage. Also, this is fairly different compared with an auto loan or personal loan. This is a big amount of money so you have to know that the lenders will not simply approve your application without examining your background.

If you will apply for VA loans, FHA loans or USDA loans, you will definitely experience the exact same thing so you should find out how to improve your odds of getting approved for a loan. You must think like a lender and you must study the methods to get approved for a mortgage.

Start Researching About Home Mortgages

You should do this prior to applying for any home loan in your area. Basically, we already know where to use this kind of loan, but it’s not the only thing that you should know because you should understand the elements that can affect your application. You should think of a variety of variables like mortgage brokers and other essential facts such as cash out refinance , reverse mortgage, foreclosure and more.

You must know about the problems that one could experience if you are paying for a home mortgage. It will not actually be a terrible idea to look for a home mortgage if you believe that you are qualified for approval, but you have to know what you’re facing.

Check Your Credit Score

It is going to not take a very long time to pull your credit file and order your credit rating, but it looks like most people who would like to buy a house never review their scores and credit rating before they submit a home application.

You cannot assume that your score is already adequate to qualify for the loan. You need to remember that the mortgage companies will check your credit rating during the process.

If the credit score is not adequate for the loan, your application will probably be declined right away. A large percentage of the lenders require a minimum credit score of 680 so if your score is actually less than that, you’ll have a difficult time getting approved.

Save Money for Down Payment and Other Expenses

Most of the conventional loans right now will not require you to make a down payment, but home loans are different. If you’re planning to refinance mortgage, you will not have to make down payments as well. The loan companies will always have their own criteria with regards to the minimum down payment, but they won’t set any limit for the maximum amount. You may always pay the down payment of 20% or more to be sure that your balance will decrease and you won’t pay a lot of money every month.

Down payment will never be the only thing that you should worry about since there are other expenses that you should pay like home appraisals, home inspections, application fees and more. You need to consider the fees for your mortgage broker as well if you have one.

Stay With Your Job

You should remember that your job will probably be your main source of income and you won’t be approved for the home loan without a job. However, it won’t always be about having a job or having a big salary since the mortgage lender will check if you have been in the job for years. They won’t approve your home loan if you’ve been on your job for only a few months. Your chances of being approved will increase if you’ve been in your job for several years. In case you are always changing your job, they’ll certainly reject your application. The best thing that you should do is stay in your job for several years before you could apply for a home loan.

Pay Your Existing Debts and Avoid New Loans

The loan providers will examine your current financial situation when applying for a home loan. They will see if you have debts that you should pay and they will look at your financial predicament according to your salary. Prior to applying for a home loan, make certain that you pay your debt first and don’t apply for new loans until your home loan is approved. This is one of the things that you should do. It will be very tough to pay your mortgage if you still have debts that you have to pay so it makes sense to pay everything prior to applying for a home loan. If you can settle your debs, it will not get in the way of your home loan application.

You should Be Pre-Qualified or Pre-Approved

If you’re applying for a mortgage loan, getting pre-approved or pre-qualified will likely be a very good idea. Nevertheless, there are some consumers that don’t really have an idea about the main difference of these two.

Pre-qualification is simply a method to know if you’ll qualify for a specific home loan. However, this will not be considered as a guarantee that you’re going to be approved for a loan because the lender has not yet done any analysis for a total approval.

Preapproved, however, is almost the same as getting approved because the lender has already done the required evaluations on the borrower. This will probably be a type of guarantee and not simply a type of examining for qualifications.

Follow Your Budget

After getting pre-approved or pre-qualified, the majority of the consumers search for properties that might fit into the amount given by the loan companies. It is always a smart idea to have a bigger amount when searching for a property, but there are times when it is more than what you could afford.

These lenders might be very generous on their offer, but don’t fall for these tricks and you should stick to your budget. You can afford to pay the monthly obligations when the loan is approved, but do you have the money for your other bills?

You should think of your financial predicament when you’re approved for the loan since even in case you have the money to pay for your monthly obligations, there’s a possibility that you won’t have enough for your other payments.


Even if you will follow all these recommendations, there will not be any guarantee that you’ll be approved for your home loan. These loan companies will have their very own requirements for the applicants so there’s no guarantee that your loan will be approved quickly. These suggestions will only increase your odds of getting approved for an HARP loan in Gaithersburg, MD. Purchasing a house will not be easy and applying for a loan is only the beginning.

You must follow all of these ideas if you wish to be more attractive to the loan providers. If you’ll think like a lender, it will be easy to understand what they need.

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MD Wicomico Parsonsburg 21849
MD Wicomico Pittsville 21850
MD Wicomico Powellville 21852
MD Wicomico Quantico 21856
MD Wicomico Salisbury 21801, 21802, 21803, 21804
MD Wicomico Sharptown 21861
MD Wicomico Tyaskin 21865
MD Wicomico Waterview 21840
MD Wicomico Whitehaven 21856
MD Wicomico Willards 21874
MD Worcester Berlin 21811
MD Worcester Bishopville 21813
MD Worcester Girdletree 21829
MD Worcester Newark 21841
MD Worcester Ocean City 21842, 21843
MD Worcester Ocean Pines 21811
MD Worcester Pocomoke City 21851
MD Worcester Snow Hill 21863
MD Worcester Stockton 21864
MD Worcester West Ocean City 21842
MD Worcester Whaleyville 21872

Gaithersburg, MD Community Attractions

Find various attractions all around the city of Gaithersburg, MD. Cool off at the City of Gaithersburg Water Park at Bohrer Park. The park is home to a number of pools and water slides. These include a twin 250-foot waterslide as the main attraction.

Enjoy lakeside shopping at the Washingtonian Center. The shopping center has a walking trail, paddle boat rentals and a variety of dining options. Catch the latest Hollywood hits at the movie theater here.

See a stage show at the Gaithersburg Arts Barn. Situated in a beautiful brick house, the theater hosts numerous theatrical and musical performances all year round. These include many performances of some of the most famous works on stage.

Check out the rail history of the region at the Gaithersburg Community Museum. This is home to an old freight house that belonged to the B&O Railroad. Look for the replica rail car on site. A full-size old-time general store is also on display with many turn-of-the-century instruments featured.

Government Information for Gaithersburg, MD

The City of Gaithersburg website promotes activities around the city. It has information on local government events, special arts activities and various services provided to residents. Details on job openings and new governmental actions are included on the site. Residents can also find information on recycling and water services in the area.

Businesses around the city are supported by the Gaithersburg-Germantown Chamber of Commerce. The GGCC supports the development of the local economy. Various community events dedicated to educating businesses on financial management solutions and hiring practices among other functions are held by the chamber throughout the year.

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