Annapolis Summer Garden Theatre

Watch for performing arts programs at the Annapolis Summer Garden Theatre while in the capital city of Maryland. This is a place in Annapolis, MD where musical theater is on display during the summer season. Different shows are held each year including local productions of some of the most prominent shows in the world including many that has appeared on Broadway.

Enjoy an impressive live show outdoors during the summer. The staging area around the theater is located in a beautiful open air venue that offers the experience of seeing great performances under the stars. The theater particularly has three different productions each year from Memorial Day to Labor Day with performances held on weekends during that time period.

Check out the nice grounds of the theater around the Annapolis City Dock. This region in the city is right on the waterfront and offers a nice few of the Chesapeake Bay all around the City of Annapolis. It makes for a brilliant place for a good date while in the capital.

See the light shows during the end of the season as well here in Annapolis, Maryland. These light shows offer some outstanding visual displays. These events are especially held as fundraisers for the theater to keep it operational.