Back River

While you are in Essex, MD check out the relaxing Back River. A large portion of the river goes directly through the town. It moves out to the Chesapeake Bay and has a number of beautiful spaces all around.

Look around and how well the river is maintained as you travel around some of the local rainwater and pollution control stations in the area. This river is home to a variety of spaces where the water flow is regulated and filtered. It is all part of a larger effort in Essex, Maryland to keep the river clean. This comes as the river has been struggling with urban pollution problems in recent time.

See how the river breaks off into a few larger bodies of water around the City of Essex with the Bread and Cheese Creek being the most prominent space.

Don’t forget that boating is permitted around the area. Make sure you check on which areas of the river are open though so you don’t go into any areas that might be restricted due to water treatment and restoration efforts in the area. This river is especially popular for being a site where boating is active and fun for all to enjoy getting into.