Ballestone Mansion

Be amazed at a unique marvel of engineering in Essex, MD at the Ballestone Mansion. This is a historic mansion that is noted for having been expanded upon in a unique way.

Start by touring the first floor of the house in the City of Essex. This home was built at some point during the early nineteenth century although it is not fully clear as to when in particular.

Second, look at the second floor that was added on top of the original brick building. Look at how the building in Essex, Maryland was adjusted as a means of creating more space. The seamless design of the building is an especially intriguing point to look into.

Look at the appearance façade at the front of the building as well. This large façade was added later on to create a more detailed look with some additional space. See again how the construction is made to create a seamless look all the way through to create a nicer space in general. The two-floor balcony arrangement especially adds a nice general look that creates a good appearance all the way around to establish a classy appearance all the way through, thus making for a memorable building to look at.