Bethlehem Sparrows Point Shipyard

Travel down to the old historic site of the Bethlehem Sparrows Point Shipyard while in Dundalk, MD. This old site is important to the development of the City of Dundalk for how it was used as a large shipbuilding complex. It was particularly where the Ancon, a ship that became the first to travel through the Panama Canal, was built in the 1910s.

Look around at the old shipyard grounds to see where many ships were once built. This large complex has a few smaller buildings that are still in operation today for a few modern shipbuilding functions in Dundalk, Maryland. The area is appealing for having a number of great sites of importance in the region.

Learn about how the shipyard was important during times of war. This includes how the shipyard helped in the 1940s with restoring the British Merchant Navy. The strong work that was performed by the shipyard was especially important for ensuring that the navy could continue to operate even after many of its ships were lost in war. It is impressive to look at the many shipyards and marvel at how they were important with regards to the overall evolution of naval functions in the region.