Billy Goat Trail

See the Potomac River and one of the most prominent canals in the region for yourself while walking on the Billy Goat Trail. This is a large trail in the City of Potomac that features nearly five miles of space.

Walk along the Potomac River that divides, Potomac, Maryland from the state of Virginia. As you walk along, head to the C&O Canal that helps to connect the states with each other.

See how well you can get across the three segments of the trail. The first segment is known to be a challenge for having an extensive number of rocks and other rough spaces to traverse. The other two sections are a little easier without having too many obstacles or any significant changes in elevation around the area. Be amazed by the large trees and greenways that line the second and third parts of the trail to create a relaxing space along the river to hike along.

Bring your dog out with you for a nice walk. Be advised though that dogs are not allowed on the first part of the trail but can reach the other two. This makes for a good space for being active while out in Potomac, MD.