Explore the history of rail transportation in the City of Baltimore at the B&O Railroad Museum. Located at the old Mount Clare Station, this is a critical site that highlights the evolution of the rail industry in Baltimore and the eastern part of the United States.

See the area where the first ever telegraph message was received in 1844. The telegraph station at the museum is a key space that illustrates the importance of communication in American society. Many artifacts relating to the telegraph line can be found here.

Head into the large roundhouse building while at this attraction in Baltimore, Maryland. This large building has a fully functional base that was used for moving trails onto different rails.

A number of old rail cars can be seen here in Baltimore, MD. Specifically, there are close to 200 of them from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries with many of them available for people to walk through and look around in. Look for the different B&O and Cumberland Valley cars all around the place as well as some of the important steam engines that helped propel rail travel in the nineteenth century. A few train cars from the mid-twentieth century are also on display and are fully operational.