Bread and Cheese Creek

The Bread and Cheese Creek is one of the most entertaining spaces to visit while in the Dundalk, MD area. This is a tributary of the Back River. It moves east into Baltimore County and then empties itself into the Back River, thus eventually getting into the Chesapeake Bay. Enjoy a nice trip along the creek or watch as the waters flow into the riverway.

See some of the open fields around the area that had seen many battles and training sessions. This is where John Stricker and a large army made a camp in 1814 while waiting for British forces to advance in the area. It is believed that the name of the creek came from the foods that the army members had been eating as they were camped out in the region here in the City of Dundalk.

Travel around the area to see how the fighting around the region in Dundalk, Maryland occurred. Spot the vast number of park spaces where troops could be found in on your own personal tour of the area. This place is wide open and accessible to the public throughout the year so be sure to come along to see how well preserved the area is.