Brookside Gardens

Head just a little north of Washington DC to Wheaton, MD to visit the Brookside Gardens. This is a very beautiful open-air garden space that has a number of appealing paths to walk along. See the nature center and conservatory on site and enjoy the many beautiful scenes that the gardens have.

The conservatory features a number of displays of different plants. These include various seasonal displays that highlight a number of plants that have a variety of functions.

Visit the azalea garden and find more than 300 different types of azaleas. There are thousands of these plants with each of these being unique in their own way. Another garden dedicated to perennials can also be found not too far from the area with their own distinct scents and looks all around.

The gardens in Wheaton, Maryland are also home to a Japanese teahouse. Look around the beautiful koi pond and relax at this fine space. The teahouse is surrounded by many massive trees to create one of the most distinct scenes in all of the City of Wheaton.

Meditate and reflect upon life at the Reflection Terrace. This memorial was built in honor of the victims of the 2002 sniper attacks in Washington DC.