Burning Tree Club

If you are a man who is interested in golf then check out the Burning Tree Club while you are in the City of North Bethesda. This is a popular club that is especially intriguing and available to guests who are invited. The club is noteworthy for being tough to get into or to be invited to but those who come to this club in North Bethesda, MD will be impressed by what is offered here.

The club is famous for its carefully organized layout. It features a beautiful series of trees lining the fairways. The trees are among the tallest in all of North Bethesda, Maryland and are always cared for.

This is a prominent club that has taken in many great members over the years. You can get in through an invitation through a member who will allow you to play a round on the course. This is important as it makes it so you can enjoy golfing on the course without having to pay the $75,000 initiation fee to get in.

It should be noted that women are not allowed to enter into the Burning Tree Club. While there have been a few exceptions here and there, women have been restricted from getting into the club since it was first opened. There have been some discussions in easing on the restrictions towards women in recent years though.