Cedarville State Forest

While in Waldorf, MD make a bit of time to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life at the Cedarville State Forest. This is a protected area of the state and features hundreds of acres of beautiful spaces for relaxation. The forest goes through much of Waldorf, Maryland and moves through a few other spaces around the area including Cedarville and Brandywine.

Head to the end of the Zekiah Swamp while at the forest. This swamp in the City of Waldorf goes south and is very wide. Look for different forms of local wildlife in the region including various spaces for marine life and birds. Many drainage ditches designed to preserve the region are still intact and functional to this day. Look for those particular ditches while traveling out along the swamp.

Look for different deer and other game around the forest as well. Although hunting is not permitted in the area, it is allowed for tribal members. Look for some camp sites for the Piscataway tribe during the winter season as this is an area where the tribe can be seen during the season looking for game. This makes for a very intriguing place to visit during any time of the year.