Clara Barton National Historic Site

Explore the days and work of Clara Barton, the founder of the American Red Cross, at her old residence in the City of Bethesda. The Clara Barton National Historic Site is where her old mid-nineteenth century home is located at.

Take a tour of a part of her house. About a third of the nearly thirty rooms in the building are available for tour. As you go along the building, you will learn about Barton’s work and her experience in the medical field. This includes a look at what inspired her to form the American Red Cross and how it has evolved to where it is today. The tour also highlights her great influence on modern society over how the Red Cross has grown into its current form.

Visit this house in Bethesda, MD and see how well the home was designed. Notice how much of the wood used in the construction was from lumber that had been salvaged following the massive 1889 flood of Johnstown, PA. Notice the narrow design of the house and the pointed roof surface. The house is a marvel of engineering for how this place in Bethesda, Maryland was designed with utility and storage purposes to make it all the more functional and efficient.