Clark’s Elioak Farm

Enjoy the season at the Clark’s Elioak Farm. This is a prominent family attraction in the City of Ellicott City. This farm has been around in some form since at least the early twentieth century. It is open every year from April to October.

Bring the family to the farm in Ellicott City, Maryland and enjoy the many different rides and other fun features all around the place. Have your kids take in a pony ride or a fun hay wagon ride. Tours of the local forest are also included. These are available throughout the year as the farm is open but this place is especially popular during the fall.

Enjoy a few of the rides that were salvaged from the old Enchanted Forest theme park that was in the local area. These rides include a few smaller options for kids to ride on here in Ellicott City, MD.

Taste the freshness of local foods at the farmer’s market here. The farmer’s market highlights a number of impressive and carefully grown foods from all around the region.

Try out the pine tree maze too. This maze is about an acre in size and has a few attractions all around including a large gingerbread house.