C&O Canal

While in Potomac, Maryland travel along the shores of the area and see the C&O Canal in its full detail. The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal is a land mass that was produced as a means of ensuring that the Chesapeake Bay can link to the Ohio River. A significant part of the canal can be seen in the City of Potomac and is a very attractive place worth visiting and looking around as you travel through the area.

See how the canal is formed by walking along the trail that surrounds the water. Look at the narrow spaces around the canal in Potomac, MD and find the various canal locks and aqueducts in the area. Many of the bridges and tunnels around the area have been carefully made with fine stone materials and are appealing works of art in their own special right.

See the Key Bridge as you head along Potomac and make your way along the canal. This classical revival bridge is made with a symmetrical body that is a stunning sight to see from any angle.

Look for some of the remnants of the Flood of 1936 while heading along the canal. The flood entailed the highest water mark in the history of the river as it flooded a number of spaces around the area.