Curtis Creek

Go to the eastern end of Glen Burnie, MD to see Curtis Creek. This creek is located in the area as a prominent body of water that flows into the Chesapeake Bay. In particular, it opens up to the Patapsco River and Curtis Bay as it heads out further into the much larger Chesapeake.

While out here, take a boat ride along the area. There are several small docks and other flat spaces that a small boat can be easily placed around. Be certain to keep the boat in the middle of the water though as some spots near the land are relatively shallow.

Go along the shores and look for some of the old boat materials in the area. Many old abandoned boats can be found around these shores. These include some boats that date back by at least fifty years. These are signs of the interesting history of Glen Burnie, Maryland.

Travel along on the water and look for some of the attractions in the area. Look for smaller creeks that are attached to Curtis Creek in the City of Glen Burnie. These include spots like Back Creek, Furnace Creek and much more. Sail under the Baltimore Beltway as you get a little closer to the Curtis Bay on the northern end of this body of water.