Dorsey Hall

Step back in time at the Dorsey Hall building in Columbia, Maryland. This is an old stucco Georgian building that opened around the early part of the nineteenth century.

See how the building has been designed with a functional approach. As one of the oldest surviving buildings in Columbia, MD, this is a place that has a good organization with dozens of rooms on two stories of space. See how the stucco design has inspired many other buildings to this day.

Some tours of the building are available during the summer. Slots for tours here in the City of Columbia are heavily limited though.

Look for the stone gristmill remnants around the region. A few parts of the mill can be found around the side part of the building although the mill is no longer functional due to most of its parts not working any further.

Notice how the Dorsey Hall building has a fine architecture style that has been carefully restored over the years to give it a new look. Take a look at how well the building mixes in with the others around the nearby business park. The design of the business park buildings fits in surprisingly well with Dorsey Hall.