Dundalk Historic District

Walk along the past at the Dundalk Historic District in this part of Maryland just east of Baltimore. This space in Dundalk, MD is where various old residential and commercial buildings from the early twentieth century can be found in. The property has an outstanding look that has an extended series of buildings that are connected together and made with an immense amount of detail in mind.

Head along the sidewalks to see the historic row houses that were built around World War I. These include a number of Tudor and Colonial Revival properties with their identical roofing bodies and protruding lower balcony areas. Notice how many of the properties were built based on suburban city planning efforts, particularly ones from the national Shipping Fleet Merchant Fleet Corporation.

This is an important region of the City of Dundalk for how it has inspired many different construction projects over the years. The region shows the first examples of how suburban planning developed in the United States. Walk along the beautiful buildings and notice the many details all around them to see just what makes this part of the region all the more influential and important to the development of how different houses are organized.