Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum

Visit the house that the iconic author and poet Edgar Allan Poe lived in while in the City of Baltimore. The Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum is a row home from the 1830s where Poe lived in during that decade.

Explore the small quarters and see where the author slept and was inspired to write many of his works. Look for the area where some animal bones were found under the floorboard during a restoration project, a point that is similar to a key detail in Poe’s famous story the Tell-Tale Heart.

Find many great exhibits and artifacts dedicated to Poe’s life here in Baltimore, Maryland. As you tour the house, look for the many newspaper clippings, china pieces and other items that were important to Poe’s life. This includes a report on Poe’s efforts to produce a literary magazine that never came to be.

After visiting the house, go a few blocks south in Baltimore, MD to the Westminster Hall and Burying Ground not too far from the University of Maryland Medical Center. This is where Poe is buried at as well as a few other people relating to him including his teenage wife Virginia Eliza Clemm Poe.