Ellicott City Station

Visit the oldest passenger train station in the country right in the heart of Ellicott City, Maryland. The Ellicott City Station is a building that was erected in 1830 and was designed as a key part of the B&O rail line that started out of nearby Baltimore.

Look around at the old train depot. Much of the building is the same as it was in 1830, thus revealing a closer look at what rail travel was once like in the City of Ellicott City.

Walk around many of the full-size rail cars and engines that are all around the place. These include a 1927 I-5 caboose.

Walk over the Oliver Viaduct in the area. This stone bridge that was built for rail use was rebuilt following Hurricane Agnes in 1972 and shows a clear look at how rail travel was utilized at the time.

As you go through the museum in Ellicott City, MD, you will notice a variety of attractive models. These include some HO-gauge models of the many trains and rail tracks that were used around the region in the nineteenth century. The immense detail that went into planning this part of the station makes it one of the most attractive features to see.