Essex Skypark

Learn about how flights operate around the Baltimore County area at the Essex Skypark. This is a small airport in Essex, Maryland that is home to a small runway for charter planes. The airport is designed with various private flight services in mind.

Head to the Skypark in the City of Essex to see how flights are organized in the area and how many planes can be operated. These include cropdusters among a number of other smaller units. You can even review the many antique aircraft models on display around the airport. These include a few units that date back to the middle part of the twentieth century. The various planes around here are among the most distinctive to see for how they offer some fine looks and are especially impressive and historic.

Explore how planes are controlled and see firsthand how these are controlled through various private short flights that can travel around the area. This is a fun way to learn about what makes the travels around here all the more fun.

The Essex Skypark is a great place to visit when you’re looking to learn about flight in Essex, MD. See what you can take a look at.