Maryland FHA Refinance


The FHA mortgage is a popular choice for many home buyers in Maryland and the US at large. There’s a simple reason for that – it is one of the most flexible, affordable, and easily accessible mortgage loan. In Maryland, you can qualify for a FHA loan with a credit score of as little as 500. Furthermore, if you do your shopping right, you stand to enjoy pretty low-interest rates.

But that’s not all, in case you are being charged higher interest rates than the current Maryland FHA interest rates you can refinance your FHA mortgage and lower the rates, which in turn will lower your monthly payments. More often than not you will also get better mortgage terms such as a lower insurance premium charge.

What if your current mortgage is not FHA? Don’t worry, Maryland FHA refinance is accessible to homeowners with other types of loans too, as long as you meet the qualification requirements of a FHA mortgage loan. TJC Mortgage can help you qualify for a FHA refinance so that you take advantage of the current historic low interest rates that FHA mortgage holders are enjoying.

You should know that there are both streamline and cash out refinance options available in Maryland, so be sure to ask our team which one suits you best. Meanwhile, we have covered everything you need to know about Maryland FHA refinance right here. It helps you understand how this refinance works, and in case you have any questions or inquiries feel free to give us a call or send an email.

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