Fort George G. Meade Severn, MD

Fort George G. Meade

Explore many of the great places where parts of the United States Army study and train at Fort George G. Meade in Severn, MD. This is a prominent army installation that is home to the Defense Information School, a place that focuses on national defense strategies and the production of new materials for protecting the country.

Reserve your spot for a tour of this place in the City of Severn. Head around to see many of the dorms, classrooms and other places around the installation that many army members can be found at.

Head to the storage area for the Library of Congress while out here. The fort is used as a storage space for the library. Many old books, maps and government records can be found around the storage area. These include some items that relate to investigations and reviews of important developments in American history.

See the museum at the fort to learn about the many great vehicles that have been used at this post in the past. See some of the old tanks and planes that have been serviced here before including a MK VII Liberty tank. You can even see a few missiles that were developed for army use at the museum including a Nike Ajax missile.