Go to the corner of Liberty Mill Road and Mateny Hill Road in the City of Germantown to the city’s main train station. The Germantown CSX Building is distinct for being designed after an old turn of the century building that was once in the area. The design of the building is especially intricate in nature.

Step back in time into a building that is reflective of the great history of the rail system in Germantown, Maryland and other parts of the state. The building is designed as an exact replica of the original station that was built for the B&O Railroad in 1891. The original building burned down in 1978 but has since been rebuilt to its original specifications. Head around the building to see how the rail system worked at the time as this is a place that links modern travel to the history of the region.

Of course, you can always use this station in Germantown, MD to get to different local areas. The train station is right on the MARC line that leads people out to Washington DC. There are trains heading through all throughout the day with those trains heading to the main New Jersey Avenue station in the nation’s capital.