Glenn L. Martin Factory

The history of aviation in Essex, MD is alive at the old Glenn L. Martin Factory area. This old factory area is a key part of what helped Essex to grow into the city that it is today. This local area is an impressive region that focuses on the development of aviation and how it moved forward over the years.

Visit this area of the City of Essex to learn about how the area grew over the years. This includes how tens of thousands of people were hired in the area during World War II to help with building a number of aircraft.

See where different planes were built including a number of engines for use in bomber planes among other used for combat purposes. The factory area is an impressive part of Essex, Maryland that shows how important aviation truly is to the field.

Today there are no particular planes being made in the Essex area, what with the region having focused on other industries in the post-war era. But today you can find many remnants of old factory spots around the city. You could also check the city hall to find different artifacts relating to the general aviation efforts that took place in the local area.