Gwynn Oak Park

Enjoy a nice picnic or other relaxing day out at the Gwynn Oak Park. This is a beautiful space in Woodlawn, MD that is right on the site of an old amusement park. It is an important place for many in Woodlawn, Maryland.

Walk along the grounds of Gwynn Oak Park to learn about the history of this place. See where the park had a number of its rides located around. Explore more about the history of social protest in the area too as this is where many protests were held in the past, what with Gwynn Oak only allowing white people to enter into the park during much of its operation.

Although the park shut down in 1973 due to massive damages caused by Hurricane Agnes, the area is still open to this day as a beautiful open air park. Head out to the Gwynn Falls Creek that moves through a good part of where the park in the City of Woodlawn used to be.

Head over to the pond in the area and enjoy a nice bit of ice skating during the winter. The old pond was a part of the park and is still in used by ice skaters when the conditions are right during the winter season.