Hampton National Historic Site

Head to what was at one point in country’s largest private home at the Hampton National Historic Site. Located in Towson, MD, this is an old Georgian home property and site that was built in the later part of the eighteenth century.

See how the Georgian architectural design of this home in Towson, Maryland was designed. Look at how it was heavily inspired by many Greek and Roman architectural forms that focuses on proportion and perfect symmetry while adding a refined classical look to the space.

Tour the house in the City of Towson. Head along its many rooms and see what life in the late eighteenth century was like just as the country was getting started. Look around the large garden spaces located outside the area as well. The gardens are located around many trees that were planted around 200 years ago right as the historic site was originally prepared. The trees in particular have grown quite well over the years.

Head to some of the other buildings around the historic site. This site includes an old residential building for slaves and a barn among other prominent spots. The entire site has been in possession of the same family for years and has been carefully refurbished over time.