Harford Mall

Go to the southern end of the City of Bel Air to enjoy a day of shopping at the Harford Mall. This is a large mall that is built on the site of the old Bel Air Racetrack. The mall is designed to highlight all the hottest new brands and products from many corners of the country.

Shop at one of nearly a hundred different stores at the mall in Bel Air, MD. The mall is home to an extended variety of attractive stores from local and major retailers. Enjoy finding the latest fashions or checking out the newest technologies around the mall.

Dine in at the Harford Mall while on your trip here. The Bel Air, Maryland mall has a few outside restaurants to go alongside its main food court area. The region has tastes for all interests and budgets.

Various seasonal events are held around the mall throughout the year. These include not only special back to school promotions during the late summer but also an extensive number of Christmas themed events during the winter season. The mall also has a nearby movie theater that offers the latest movies to check out at all times in the year.