Harry W. Nice Memorial Bridge

Travel your way along one of the most picturesque bridges in the City of Waldorf. The Harry W. Nice Memorial Bridge is an extended two-lane bridge that covers a part of US 301. It goes over the Potomac River and leads people directly from Waldorf out to Dahlgren, VA.

Enjoy the view as you take it slow down the bridge. This nearly two-mile bridge was built in 1938 and has a speed limit of 50, thus requiring you to stay slow. Fortunately, the views from the bridge include some beautiful scenes of the Potomac River as it flows towards the Chesapeake Bay. See the calm waters and look for boats or avian life as you cross along. The relaxed nature of the bridge is a great contrast to the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, another nearby bridge that is notorious for being very cramped and difficult to traverse at times.

Bring your E-ZPass system to make it easy for you to get on the bridge. It costs a few dollars to get onto the bridge each way but the prominent electronic toll system used along the east coast as well as Ontario is accepted here in Waldorf, Maryland to make travel along the bridge easy.