Harundale Plaza

On the surface, Harundale Plaza in Glen Burnie, Maryland seems like any ordinary outdoor shopping area. It is an appealing spot to visit in that it has a number of convenient shopping spots including some fine stores dedicated to fashions, furniture and more. It also has a few prominent restaurants to check out.

What makes this place so noteworthy is that it is right on the site of what was the first fully enclosed shopping mall on the east coast, the Harundale Mall. This venue was built in 1958 as a true advancement to the shopping industry in general. It was also the first air conditioned shopping center on the east coast. This is an interesting part of the history of the city and is clearly on display here in Glen Burnie.

As you visit Harundale Plaza, look for the old dedication stone in the area. This stone is where the mall once stood. This is an interesting look at one of the most important places in the history of Glen Burnie, MD. It is especially an important place for how it highlights the evolution of the shopping mall, one of the most important institutions in the United States.