Johns Hopkins University Montgomery Campus

While you are in the City of Gaithersburg, take the time to learn about the intriguing things that are happening at the Johns Hopkins University Montgomery Campus. The university has grown since it was formed in 1876 to become one of the top schools in the fields of engineering and health and continues to grow to this day.

See how the engineering field is evolving at the Montgomery Campus in Gaithersburg, MD. This is where many labs and classrooms dedicated to engineering can be found at. The campus particularly focuses on this field of study as well as many functions in the field of biosciences. Tour the campus and its labs to learn all about how the school operates and what makes it a prominent space for a variety of studies.

Tour the campus grounds around the Gaithersburg, Maryland and be impressed by the various buildings all around. These include a few that date back to the early twentieth century. These are appealing places for how they have evolved over time to cover many new technologies. Check out this interesting place for study when you are in Gaithersburg and be enlightened by the many things that take place around this attractive campus.