Lake Kittamaqundi

Relax along the side of the Mall of Columbia at Lake Kittamaqundi. This is a popular lake that was established in the 1960s as a venue for a number of recreational activities. At about 27 acres in size, this is a popular lake that is home to a number of festivals in Columbia, MD with a number of them taking place during the beautiful and calm summer season.

Rent a boat along the lake and go on a small cruise. The boats can be rented not too far from the Mall of Columbia. You can also enjoy some time at one of the restaurants located on the waterfront. The scenes around Columbia, Maryland are all visible throughout much of the lake, thus making it an outstanding place to visit.

The lake also offers a calm look that is ideal for travels throughout the entire spring and summer season. The waters are nice and are conducive to a number of light activities including canoeing and paddle boating although traditional boats are more likely to be found around the region. Check out this location in the City of Columbia when you’re looking for something enjoyable to do while you are in the area.