Leisure World

Those who are of the proper age who are in Aspen Hill, MD can come on out to the Leisure World community and country club. This is a fascinating unincorporated area around Aspen Hill that features a great number of spaces for active living.

Designed with retirees in mind, you could head on out to this great part of Aspen Hill, Maryland if you are of the proper age level. The region is accessible only to seniors as a means of establishing a peaceful and relaxing environment that is comfortable for all.

Play a round at the golf course on site. The course is carefully maintained as a spot with a wide series of fairways and many curves around to add to the challenge here in the City of Aspen Hill.

Leisure World is also home to its own extensive community center. Enjoy a few laps around the local pool or meditate or relax along on the wide open park spaces in the region. A few tennis courts can also be found around the eastern end of the region. The area is one of the most appealing to all those who want to enjoy a great place to relax in while in one’s twilight years.