See the summer residence of one of the greatest surgeons at the Johns Hopkins Medical College as you are in Bel Air, Maryland. The Liriodendron is the old summer home of Dr. Howard Kelly. He was a famed doctor who helped to found the Johns Hopkins college.

Walk along the complex to find some of the many appealing sites that Dr. Kelly lived at. See the stuccoes brick mansion that dates back to the late nineteenth century. This Georgian Revival building offers a beautiful southern manor appearance.

See the old carriage house and barn as well as the large smokehouse and corn farming space. There are also two ice houses that can be found around the complex. The arrangement of buildings here in Bel Air, MD shows how Dr. Kelly lived and how life was like for many in the region around the nineteenth century. The area even hosts art exhibits and other special attractions dedicated to the history of the City of Bal Air and other parts of the Johns Hopkins college and hospital in terms of how it has evolved. A large museum dedicated to local Native American artifacts can also be found on the large Liriodendron complex.