Lorraine Park Cemetery Gate Lodge

Go back in time to learn more about the history of the City of Woodlawn at the Lorraine Park Cemetery Gate Lodge. This is a large Queen Anne-style house that was designed to be the main reception home for the Lorraine Cemetery.

Be impressed by the great Queen Anne style of the home. This is noted for having many stone accents and numerous sash windows that mix in well with the bricks. The pointed roof surfaces around the area especially add a nice touch all the way through. It is one of the more distinctive buildings in Woodlawn, MD to visit.

Find the elaborate cemetery gates not too far from the main building. These have been fully restored to their original appearance. The cast and wrought iron body of the gates shows a strong sense of power that covers the entire space.

While you are here in Woodlawn, Maryland be certain to travel to the Lorraine Cemetery right next to the lodge. The cemetery is home to a massive mausoleum and is home to a large number of graves for the vast Chinese community in the region.

See the three graves belonging to members of the British armed forces here. All of the graves date back to World War II.