Ma and Pa Trail

Travel along the southern end of the City of Bel Air on the Ma and Pa Trail. This is a six-mile trail that is available for walking and hiking and is large enough for bike riding and even horseback riding activities. The trail has a few different bridges and overlooks around the region that highlight some of the beautiful spaces around the Heavenly Waters Park and other areas of Bel Air, MD.

Look for the three links to other key trails around the Ma and Pa Trail. The Bel Air, Fallston and Forest Hill trails all link to the area. All of these trails are easy to walk along just like with the Ma and Pa Trail as they do not contain many difficult hazards or hills that might be tough to traverse. The areas offer a number of relaxing opportunities for a nice hike.

The bridges along the park add a beautiful touch to the area. You can even find a dog park at one end of this trail in Bel Air, Maryland. The natural features and fine spaces around the area make this one of the top places to visit when looking for an appealing attraction to explore while in the area.