Cash Out Refinance in Maryland


A cash out mortgage refinance is a great way to adjust your current loan’s interest rates and terms, and still get some money in the process. If you are a Maryland homeowner, who is strapped for cash you may want to consider this option. In fact, Maryland is one of the few states with laws that are extremely favorable to homeowners wishing to do a mortgage refinance. One such law is the Recordation Tax Law of the Maryland Mortgage Lender Law.

First effected in 2013, the law extends tax exemptions for property owners of all types of properties after they refinance their property. That means when you do a cash out refinance in Maryland you will not just enjoy lower interest rates and insurance premiums; you will also get lower property tax charges. Ultimately you will reduce your mortgage payments by a significantly huge margin and still get some cash to cater for whatever pressing expenses you may have.

There’s even more good news. Cash out refinance in Maryland is available for almost all types of mortgage loans, including FHA, conventional and VA. But the requirements and eligibility criteria vary significantly depending on the type of loan you have. Additionally, there are times when it really doesn’t make sense to do a cash out refinance. Basically, you will be better placed to make a good decision as whether to refinance or not if you are well-informed.

Luckily for you, we have covered that and more information right here on our TJC Mortgage’ website. In case you need any clarifications simply contact us, and we will tell you everything you need to know about cash out refinance in Maryland. You can as well start the cash out refinance process right here on our website. Our staff will guide you through every step.

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