Maryland State House

Walk into the great history of the City of Annapolis at the Maryland State House. This is the oldest state capitol building in continuous use in the United States as this Georgian building was constructed in 1772. The house is noted for its distinctive and appealing tower. The building is available for tours throughout the year to bring you to many of the great places that make this a unique area.

Look inside at the dome on the inside of the building. This features a beautiful balcony area and a lantern that is capped with a lightning rod. This was developed by Benjamin Franklin to be fully functional and useful. Notice the added Corinthian columns that support the inside to keep it intact.

Notice how the wooden dome is designed without nails. The intriguing arrangement of the dome’s design has been refurbished over the years and continues to be a distinct marvel of engineering in Annapolis, Maryland.

See the reception room where many ceremonies and bill signings are held. See the portraits of Queen Anne and many other early leaders in the colony. The portraits of many former governors of the state can also be found in this area here in Annapolis, MD.