Matthew Henson State Park

As you make your way along Aspen Hill, Maryland, take a bit of time at the Matthew Henson State Park. This is a beautiful park named after the famed arctic explorer and native of Maryland. It is filled with a number of beautiful spaces not too far from Washington DC.

Walk along the nearly four miles of trail and park space around the region. Many of the trails here in Aspen Hill, MD are located right along the main stream in the park area. Hiking and biking activities are both available here in this attractive region. Go through the small wooden boardwalk region in the middle of the main trail to some of the more intricate environmental scenes around this great park.

Look around the region to see some of the appealing conservation areas around this part of the City of Aspen Hill. These include some regions that are carefully maintained with regular wildlife observation activities. Look for a few of the different solar power generators and electric units that help to provide clean and renewable energy to the area and in some surrounding spots. With about 100 acres of land space, you will certainly find a number of great things to do while in the park.