Medieval Times Severn

A show from the Medieval Times dinner theater company is one of the most interesting experiences that you could ever experience. Fortunately, you can enjoy a show right in the City of Severn. The city is home to only one of nine Medieval Times locations in the United States or Canada.

Notice when you get here that there is a strong medieval castle look to the building. This place is a distinctive sight in Severn, Maryland as it stands out from the other buildings in the nearby Arundel Mills complex.

Head into the castle with your friends and family to enjoy a fine dinner. The food selection is varied throughout the year with different choices available for people with various preferences in mind. Multiple courses are included in each meal.

After enjoying your dinner, experience a theatrical show that features a series of actors and horses in a medieval-themed competition. Cheer on your particular side and be amazed at the feats of strength and agility on display. Don’t be surprised if you or someone else in your group is called upon to participate at this attraction in Severn, MD. It makes for one of the most memorable things you could ever see while you are out in the city.