Melvin J. Berman Hebrew Academy

Learn about how Jewish studies are conducted in the City of Rockville at the Melvin J. Berman Hebrew Academy. This is one of the more distinct schools in the Washington DC area for how it focuses on judaics. These include studies relating to Jewish history and culture as well as the Hebrew language.

See how the school is organized in terms of how the different fields of study are used. Learn about how judaics work and their importance to the Jewish community in Rockville, Maryland. These include studies relating to important religious texts as well as concepts relating to Jewish thought and Holocaust studies. The academy is small in size but is also very exclusive in terms of who is able to get in, a point that makes the studies here all the more intriguing to the public.

Find a great Hebrew language course while at the school. The school often offers public lessons in Hebrew to adults and kids alike although it is typically easier to find these courses when regular school for kids is out of session. The school is open to helping people learn about Jewish culture and about how to use a language that is important to the community at large.