Monocacy National Battlefield

Tour the site of one of the final battles of the Civil War in which the Confederacy headed into Union territory. Located in Frederick, MD the Monocacy National Battlefield is a site where a major battle in the war occurred on July 9, 1864. Learn about the great battle here in the City of Frederick and how it was a true turning point within the war.

See the battlefield as it moves along the Monocacy River on the southeastern part of Frederick, Maryland. With about 1,500 acres of land, this is a very large space that is unique for how it offers a good look into the war and how it moved along.

Look around the site to see the individual monuments that were dedicated to troops on both sides of the battle. While at the site, look for the Best Farm building. This is where a special movement order that was used by Robert E. Lee was discovered by Union troops. The farm building is right in the middle of the field and has been carefully preserved all the way up to its tall foundation space near the ground. Various markers have been left around the battlefield to help you find a number of important sites around the region.