Municipal Stadium

Watch a fun baseball game at one of the most historic ballparks in the state of Maryland, Municipal Stadium in the City of Hagerstown. The ballpark has been in operation since 1930 and is the host to the Hagerstown Suns minor league baseball team.

Step back in time as you entire this classic stadium. See the intriguing grandstand, media box and other places that have been carefully restored over the years. These are all features that are still together and intact even though it only took about six weeks to actually build the park.

Look for all sorts of great events here in Hagerstown, MD. Municipal Stadium hosts Hagerstown Suns baseball games during the summer but it also hosts a variety of additional events. It highlights various youth and high school baseball and softball events. It also hosts some carnival events during the offseason, thus making it a popular community meeting space in Hagerstown, Maryland throughout the spring and summer seasons.

While at the park, see the various plaques and honors listed around the park. These include markers commemorating the many Negro League teams that competed here as well as numerous famous baseball players who once played for the Suns. The series of displays around the park showcase the extensive history of baseball in the region quite well.