Travel along Pratt Street in downtown Baltimore, Maryland to see one of the world’s largest collections of marine life at the National Aquarium. This is the most popular attraction in the state of Maryland as more than one and a half million people visit it every year. Make this a great stop to see while you are in the City of Baltimore.

See more than 750 different types of marine life in a massive area off of the Inner Harbor. There are more than two million gallons of water supporting the many living spaces for all of these great creatures.

Look at the many exhibits around this part of Baltimore, MD that feature an extended number of different forms of marine life. The Blacktip Reef exhibit features a number of blacktip reef sharks as well as various other forms of marine life found around the Pacific Ocean.

Travel along to see many other intriguing natural habitats including a full tropical rainforest area. See the Amazon River exhibits and even a full Pacific Ocean coral rift. Explore the vast exhibit on how many marine life forms have adapted to different conditions in a variety of places around the world. This is one of the most interesting places to visit when looking for a unique attraction in Baltimore, Maryland.