National Capital Radio and Television Museum

Learn about how the forms of radio and television have evolved over the years at the National Capital Radio and Television Museum in Bowie, MD. The museum is dedicated to the history of these forms of communication and how they work.

Learn about how wireless communications first evolved and how the art of broadcasting was formed. This includes a look at the history of radio communication in the early and mid-twentieth century plus how television broadcasts and sets evolved.

Notice the various old radio receivers and television sets on display here in Bowie, Maryland. These highlight the many ways how wireless technology has evolved and how people enjoy their entertainment. Many of the old sets on display are still functional. This is an attractive feature of this museum ion the City of Bowie for how it highlights the extensive evolution of the art of broadcasting.

See how the process of producing radio and television signals works. The museum has an extensive exhibit that highlights how such signals are produced and how they are transferred to different devices. This includes a review of how well individual signals are managed and converted into ones that can be projected from any traditional receiver.