National Institutes of Health

Understand the importance of health and research at the National Institutes of Health campus in North Bethesda, MD. This campus is not too far from the historic Walter Reed Medical Center. It is supported by the NIH, the organization responsible for understanding biomedical functions and public health efforts in the United States.

Tour the campus in the City of North Bethesda to understand how various medical discoveries are found. The NIH has worked to review how medicines can be used to treat certain conditions as well as how a variety of medical treatments.

With more than fifty buildings on the campus, you will find a number of places around the area that focus on very specific types of treatments and medical services. You could even visit spaces that are devoted to the production of vaccines and the research into how new vaccines can be used for the treatment of many difficult conditions.

Learn about the history of clinical research and how it continues to be used here in North Bethesda, Maryland. Look at how well the NIH campus focuses on research based on patient studies and trial and error among other considerations. See how the NIH campus focuses on efficient studies with patient safety in mind.