National Museum of Civil War Medicine

Explore one of the more interesting parts of the Civil War right in the heart of the City of Frederick. The National Museum of Civil War Medicine is an interesting place that highlights the evolution of medicine and surgical practices during the famous war.

Head to the historic Civil War-era building in the middle of downtown Frederick, MD to enter the museum. See many items that were used during the war to treat injuries. These include a number of old tools and medicine contains and even some materials that were used in the amputation process. A look at how the wounded were cleared off of different battle sites is also included here.

Look at the surgeon’s tent exhibit while here in Frederick, Maryland. This is the only known surgeon’s tent to have survived the war. It reveals a look at the surgical operations that often took place on the battle field and how different materials were used in the heat of combat.

There is even a section here devoted to understanding veterinary medicine. This includes a look at how horses were treated after they were wounded in combat. See the many lifelike models around the museum that showcase how different items were often used to treat soldiers in the line of duty.