Oriole Park at Camden Yards

Come on over to Oriole Park at Camden Yards at any time of the year while in Baltimore, Maryland and experience one of the most iconic and influential ballparks in the country. The park is the home to the Baltimore Orioles baseball team during the spring and summer and is also available for tours at different times in the year.

See how this ballpark helped to influence a new generation of baseball stadiums around the country. Built in 1992, the ballpark is noted for its extensive classic influences in its architecture and layout.

Head into the B&O Warehouse while at the ballpark in Baltimore, MD. This massive building surrounds the right field area of the park. There is a large private club inside the building as well as a few shops and dining spaces on the ground floor. This building has been carefully incorporated into the overall design of the entire park and is instantly noticeable from any seat in the park.

Look for the many great works of baseball art and statues around the park. See the famed Babe’s Dream statue outside the park. This is a life-size statue of Babe Ruth, the baseball legend and native of the City of Baltimore.