Patapsco Valley State Park

Relax along the Patapsco River as you visit the City of Catonsville in Maryland. The Patapsco Valley State Park is a prominent place to visit as it is right along the river of the same name. It is noted for being the first state part of Maryland.

Go through one of the many walking paths in the area. These are all great places that offer some nice and relaxing spaces for people to walk along. The park especially has a number of great trails that go along the titular river. The areas offer some of the best views of Catonsville, Maryland and are especially relaxing and worth enjoying.

Head to one of the different park areas out here in Catonsville, MD. The Hollofield Area is home to several camping areas for overnight activities. Enjoy a boat ride or canoeing trip along the Daniels Area as it brings you along the river. The McKeldin Area is especially great if you are looking to enjoy a fine horseback riding trip in the area.

Travel along one of the swinging bridges at the park. These include bridges that go by the old Orange Grove milling community site, an important historic region of the park.