Retriever Activities Center

Enjoy various activities on the UMBC campus in Catonsville, MD at the Retriever Activities Center. This is a popular arena that is home to a number of entertaining events of all types.

Watch a basketball game here in the City of Catonsville at this venue. It is home to the UMBC Retrievers basketball teams. With room for about four thousand people, this venue in Catonsville, Maryland has plenty of seating while also being relatively open and accessible for all sorts of activities.

In addition to watching basketball events, you could also take a look at some of the different athletic facilities around the RAC. Look for open times for the local aquatic center and track area. A few outdoor tennis courts are also available with many of them available to the public. These include a number of spots that are open during the summer season when school is out of session.

There is also a gymnasium that has a full workout and training facility for athletes and others who want to stay healthy and work on their bodies. Check with the RAC to see what is available in terms of great places that you can enjoy using for all your physical desires.