Round House Theatre

Learn about the theatre world and see a show at the Round House Theatre. This is a theater on the outside part of Silver Spring, MD that highlights various local productions all year round. These include productions of many plays and musicals in an intimate environment. The shows highlighted at the theater include both modern and classic productions with some having been featured on or off Broadway in the past.

The theater offers an intimate space for seating. It is made in the round to offer a great look from any seating space. It is especially exciting to see a number of impressive shows here as the theater offers a warm and enjoyable experience without being too vast or otherwise large.

See different shows that are produced by a variety of performance groups. These include individual groups for adult and childrens’ programs that highlight a number of appealing themes.

Take in a class on theater production or drama while at the theater. There are numerous workshops and classes taught here throughout the year including ones that are for adults and kids alike. There are some summer camp programs for kids who are interested in learning about how to put on their own special shows.